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Daniel Velazquez
Daniel Velazquez is a christian author and musician in the Philadelphia, PA  area who's ministry is dedicated to exhalting and proving the existence of God to a fallen and unbelieving world. Originally a New York native, Dan now lives in the heart of Philadelphia, showing people through books and music the reality of God from a perspective most people have never seen. Music and love, along with the power of the Holy Spirit can touch and transform a  soul unlike anything else. Dan's books have helped show and educate his readers on the realities of the universe that most people have overlooked. Life has meaning, and so does the universe, but it is up to us to decipher what this meaning is using God's word. Meaning is intrinsic to design, and it is finding out about the designer which will allow us to know what it's true function is. Daniel studied at SUNY Stony Brook and is a business graduate from Inter-American University in Hato Rey, P.R. He also works as a historical tour guide in the Philadelphia area and a worship leader on Harvest Philadelphia West worship team. An avid follower of science, physics and astronomy as well, Dan uses his passion to help others see the unseen world of God, prophecy and the Bible, and the truth that lies therein.